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Mobile Treatment Services

Freedom Recovery's Intensive Outpatient Program Is Designed For Substance Abusers Who Need Immediate Help, But A Residential-Based Program Is Not An Option.

We Offer Evening Sessions Designed To Accommodate Working Adults Who Need To Be Able To Maintain Their Careers.

Recovery From Addiction Is A Lifelong Process.  We Focus On Treating The Primary Illness, Rather Than Just The Symptoms Of This Disease.

Through An Honest And Open Group Setting, We Begin To Heal And Restore Balance; Mentally, And Emotionally.


  • Initial assessments on new admissions

  • Ongoing outpatient services (individual counseling) on any resident who is interested

  • Ongoing intensive outpatient services (9 hours/week of group counseling) to any resident who is interested

  • Ongoing cases management to any resident who is interested

  • Ongoing drug testing to all residents

  • Ongoing Vivitrol injections (via our partnership with a mobile agency) to anyone who needs treatment

Like we discussed, most of the things we are proposing you are already doing but it's coming out of the monies you have raised.  I believe we should be able to take that burden from you with practically no significant disruption to your current programming. However, here is what we are proposing:


None of the services we will be providing will be billed to you or your clients.


As a state licensed and nationally accredited provider, we will bill the clients Medicaid or insurance benefits alone. If they have neither, then no one will be billed.

In addition to having many of the same benefits as Group Counseling, an Intensive Outpatient Program for substance use treatment these advantages:

  • Clients have the ability to maintain their daily activities and responsibilities, such as attending work, being with their families, and enjoying the comfort of their own home

  • Increased opportunities to establish community-based supports

  • IOP offer clients the ability to practice the coping skills learned in a safe, real-world environment

  • Clients enrolled in IOP may have a lower potential for relapse than those who choose to abstain from treatment programs. Due to increased support from staff and clients going through similar experiences, clients are less likely to start using again


  • Safe Harbor in Springfield

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