Addiction Therapy Programs Ohio

Addiction Therapy Programs Ohio

Addiction Therapy Programs in Central Ohio

Freedom Recovery, located in Central Ohio, offers unique programs for addiction therapy and addiction recovery. Through our rehab programs clients will receive help and support from the staff at our treatment centers to break destructive patterns of drug and alcohol addiction. We offer health services like detox, medication management, physical health checkups, and more. On the emotional and mental side of the patient’s health we provide behavior therapy, wellness checks, group counseling, one-on-one therapy sessions, and an extensive therapy program for our clients. Our spiritual services go hand-in-hand with our evidence based addiction treatment programs by incorporating faith, spirituality, prayer, and other spiritual practices into the treatment programs. Rehab for substance abuse can be a difficult journey, but with the help and support from the staff at Freedom Recovery we believe a patient’s time in our addiction treatment program is the beginning of a brighter future.

Addiction Recovery Rehab Center

The Freedom Recovery Center is located in Central Ohio where we continue to serve the greater community and provide excellent inpatient and outpatient programs. At our treatment facility patients will work towards a common goal together and as individuals to achieve freedom from substance abuse. Some of the staff members working at our treatment center have gone through addiction therapy programs themselves and have the life skills and personal experience to guide patients as they work through addiction recovery. At our treatment center we provide a crucial support system that provides help and support alongside the support patients may receive from family and friends. With both an excellent outpatient program as well as inpatient treatment programs Freedom Recovery provides help to those seeking a path away from addiction.

Our Faith Based Programs

Freedom Recovery is a faith-based treatment program facility that approaches addiction treatment through faith and spirituality. Our drug and alcohol treatment programs are formulated from evidence based treatment plans, but have an additional layer of spirituality to help improve a patient’s spiritual health alongside their physical and mental wellbeing as a whole. A majority of the treatment and therapy staff members at our Ohio treatment center identify as Christians, however people from all backgrounds are fully welcome to participate in our addiction treatment programs. Breaking the harmful cycle of addiction gives patients an opportunity at an improved lifestyle, and empowers them to choose a different path than addiction for their future.

Addiction Treatment Services

Addiction recovery looks different for each patient and the treatment services they will receive will be based on their individual recovery needs. Our addiction treatment programs include therapy, addiction recovery, drug and alcohol rehab, and our outpatient and intensive outpatient program. Each patient will have access to our treatment services and will be guided through our evidence based program that has added faith-based elements. The rehab and addiction treatment programs offered at our treatment center have been designed by those who have either gone through training for addiction treatment, or have been through a program to assist with addiction and substance abuse treatment themselves.

Counseling & Therapy

Counseling & Therapy

Therapy is a vital part of our treatment programs and addiction recovery in general. The therapy program we offer dives deep into past and present behavior, family trauma, personal experience at rehab, healthy coping skills, mental health, and more. Through these therapy treatment programs patients will develop a better understanding of their addiction and how it has formed, and they will have help developing skills to help them throughout their recovery beyond their time at the Freedom Recovery treatment center. We have found that both group therapy and individual therapy benefit the patients and help them walk down the path of addiction therapy together. Along with our therapy services we provide spiritual counseling, which can provide additional help during a patient’s personal growth journey, as well as be a therapeutic experience. Accepting help is an important part of getting addiction treatment, and through therapy patients can create a better understanding of their addiction in the past, present, and how to navigate life after completing addiction treatment.


Recovery is the process of working towards returning to healthier, positive behavior. During our addiction therapy programs patients will follow a 12-step program that is evidence based as a guide. This program has helped countless patients overcome addiction and can help provide a healthier mental, emotional, and spiritual lifestyle. During this program patients will learn healthy coping strategies, handling triggers like unhealthy family relationships, work stressors, and others, as well as undergo substance abuse counseling. Patients are in charge of their own addiction treatment recovery, but will have the constant support of our treatment staff at our recovery center, as well as the guidance of our 12-step treatment programs. Recovery through rehab is possible, and starts with accepting there is an addiction and that addiction treatment is necessary.
Drug Rehab

Drug & Alcohol Rehab

The rehab programs offered at our treatment center in Columbus, Ohio help patients build a stronger foundation to build a new life upon. During rehab patients will learn relapse prevention skills to help them outside of rehab and give them resources for when they need additional help. Our addiction treatment programs focus on all aspects of health and rehab. Patients will develop a deeper understanding of their drug or alcohol addiction which gives them resources and tools to prevent relapses, or giving in to addiction. Through the support of our staff, family, friends, and loved ones, patients undergoing addiction treatment will have ample opportunities for growth and personal development throughout their addiction treatment.
Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient Programming

Our addiction treatment center offers two unique styles of outpatient services. Our standard outpatient program provides a more flexible addiction treatment program and allows patients to maintain jobs, provide for people in their care, and continue typical day-to-day responsibilities they can’t step away from. The Intensive outpatient program offers the same therapy, counseling, health services, and addiction treatment, but with more rigid guidelines. Both can be great fits for those who have a support system outside of the treatment center through friends, family, and loved ones. Regardless of which program fits a patient’s addiction treatment journey, they will receive help and treatment to guide them along their recovery.

Speak with a Professional at Freedom Recovery Today

To learn more about the addiction therapy programs offered by Freedom Recovery, reach out to our offices located in Central Ohio to speak with one of our staff members. With our unique approach to drug and alcohol addiction rehab we provide assistance to patients to improve every aspect of their personal health, including their spirituality. Our therapy sessions help patients build a stronger emotional and mental foundation while our spiritual counseling improves overall spirituality. Whether you’re looking for an intensive outpatient program, addiction therapy programs, or need to speak with someone about general addiction treatment please reach out to Freedom Recovery today. Our treatment center is located in Columbus, Ohio, but through outpatient services we serve patients living in cities all around Central Ohio.

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