Faith-Based Rehab Ohio

Faith Based Rehab Ohio

Addiction Recovery is Possible

Experience life free from the bondage of addiction. At Freedom Recovery, our goal is to help you overcome drug or alcohol addiction so you can live a healthier and more fulfilling life. Through outpatient treatment and rehab services, our supportive staff, and our Christian faith-based approach, you can achieve recovery from addiction. Contact us to learn more about our proven 12-step model recovery program in Ohio and our admissions process.

Our Christian and Faith-Based Approach

At Freedom Recovery, faith plays an important role in our patients’ recoveries. While much of our staff is Christian, our faith based center is non-denominational and welcomes patients of many different faiths. Our unique approach combines traditional addiction treatment methods with Christian prayer and other spiritual aspects. Our evidence-based curriculum follows a proven 12-step model of recovery. By trusting in God and staying dedicated to treatment, addiction recovery is possible.

Our Story

We know firsthand the toll that addiction can take because we are in recovery, too. We have experienced the pain, loneliness, guilt, and shame that come with addiction, and the freedom and hope that come with recovery. We are free from the grasp of addiction thanks to treatment, ongoing support, and the grace of God. Now, we seek to help as many people as possible experience that freedom. Our outpatient program has touched the lives of individuals through Columbus and beyond. With six convenient locations we see individuals from Bexley, Canal Winchester, Dayton, Grove City, Hilliard, London, Marysville, New Albany, Upper Arlington, and more.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment

If you need immediate help but inpatient treatment doesn’t fit your needs, our outpatient addiction treatment program may be the right fit. Our Christian faith-based Ohio centers offer morning and evening sessions designed to work with busy schedules, so you can continue working, living at home, and attending to other responsibilities while receiving addiction treatment.

Our treatment programs are personalized to each patient and feature group education and counseling sessions, a 12-step recovery program, relapse prevention, interventions, and more. We accept admissions for people suffering from alcohol addiction and a variety of drug addictions, including meth and heroin addiction. Recovery is a lifelong process, and we’re to support and guide you through that process.

Our Core Services

We offer six core addiction treatment services to address the needs and goals of our patients: Counseling, recovery, drug rehab, alcohol rehab, Intensive Outpatient Program, and outpatient rehab. All treatment programs are evidence-based and Christian faith-based services.



Counseling is a great opportunity to discuss topics like trauma, grief, relationships, and setting boundaries, and how they relate to drug abuse and addiction recovery. Our addiction treatment services include individual counseling and group counseling, where we dive deeper into your feelings, habits, beliefs, and behaviors. We also identify triggers that cause you to abuse drugs or alcohol, and determine healthy coping strategies to use instead.
Alcohol and Addiction Recovery


The recovery program at Freedom Recovery uses evidence-based curriculum and a faith-based approach to help you achieve recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. You’ll go through our proven 12-step process as well as receive a personalized rehab and recovery plan tailored to your unique needs. You’ll learn more about addiction, addiction treatment, and the addiction recovery process while addressing the mental and emotional side of addiction, too. We also offer relapse prevention services to help you stay clean.
Drug Rehab

Drug Rehab

Our Christian drug rehab program helps you overcome drug addiction through proven treatment methods, faith in God, and determination. We offer admissions to people with a variety of drug abuse issues, including heroin, meth, and opioid addiction. Our outpatient treatment program allows you to receive the treatment and care you deserve while still living at home and going to work. We offer day and evening counseling sessions to accommodate most schedules.
Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol Rehab

Our Christian rehab program for alcohol addiction is a welcoming environment where you’ll learn more about addiction and work to overcome it. Since this is an outpatient treatment program, you can live at home and go to work while in rehab. Daytime and evening counseling sessions are available to work with many busy schedules. Our alcohol rehab program is best suited for people with a strong support system and home environment that’s conducive to recovery.
Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient Program

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at Freedom Recovery is an intense addiction treatment program that helps patients recover from drug and alcohol addiction. During treatment, you’ll attend 3-hour meetings three times per week, during which we take a closer look at your struggles, feelings, attitudes, and habits. We’ll discuss what can trigger the desire to use drugs and alcohol as well as healthy alternatives. This program is faith-based and allows you to play a larger role in your own recovery.
Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient Rehab

Our rehab services are all outpatient services, allowing you to receive faith-based treatment for drug and alcohol addiction while attending to responsibilities at work and home. These programs offer more flexibility than inpatient programs while still providing exceptional care and support. Your treatment plan is personalized to your needs and features individual and group counseling, a 12-step program, relapse prevention, and more.
What to Expect

What to Expect

Seeking treatment can be a life-changing step in your recovery journey. When you meet the team at Freedom Recovery, we want you to feel welcomed and supported. Based in faith in God, our addiction treatment services are designed to help you overcome drug and alcohol addiction while maintaining a home life and work life.

We start with a professional pre-assessment to make sure we’re the best fit for your wants and needs. If so, we create a personalized treatment plan that combines integrative and cognitive-based strategies. Faith-based treatment includes group counseling sessions, group education sessions, and a 12-step method that helps you achieve recovery as well as personal growth. Treatment also involves regular drug screenings and relapse prevention methods.

The curriculum we use is based in evidence, and we are accredited by the Commission of Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. Freedom Recovery is also licensed by the Ohio Department of Medicaid and the State of Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

Benefits of an Outpatient Treatment Program

Outpatient addiction treatment programs like ours allow you to live at home, go to work, and manage other responsibilities while going through an addiction treatment program. Our options feature day and evening counseling sessions to offer flexibility and accommodate most schedules. This type of treatment is ideal for people who have a strong support system and a living environment that allows for recovery. Contact us to learn more about addiction treatment and our admissions process.

Benefits of an Outpatient Treatment Program

Meet our Leadership Team

Our leaders have recovered from addiction and are dedicated to helping you do the same. We’re here to give you hope for a better future.

Chad Kelly | Executive Director and Co-Founder

Chad Kelly

Chad Kelly is currently the Executive Director & Co-Founder of Freedom Recovery. The thing he enjoys most in life is sharing his faith in Jesus. A close second is spending time with his wife and three kids. Chad is married to Carabeth and they have two boys, Brady and Hudson, as well as a daughter Arrington. He is passionate about seeing others overcome life’s challenges, including addiction. God has been faithful to pull him through his own addiction to drugs and alcohol in addition to restoring his marriage and overcoming the unexpected loss of his younger sister, Chelsea. The list could go on and on. These experiences have fueled Chad to go from the corporate financial world to now helping lead a CARF accredited, OMHAS licensed, and medicaid approved faith based treatment facility. In his spare time he enjoys serving at his church, swimming, playing games, working out and talking about/eating food.

Adam Weber

Adam’s passion for helping those in need is deeply rooted.  He came to Freedom Recovery after serving as an advocate for public charter schools and working professionally as the business manager for 3 campuses.  During his 14 years in education finance, his name was synonymous with diligence, integrity and passion.  He made a name for himself as a professional who would find solutions, stay positive and keep love as the foundation in all his interactions.  It was during this time that he re-committed his life to his savior, Jesus Christ and was eventually led to pursue another path.  Adam met the other “soon to be” co-founders of Freedom Recovery during his own personal recovery journey while working with Celebrate Recovery at his local church.  His passion for helping others, meeting people where they are and having his own personal recovery story allows him to have empathy for those he serves.  He attributes his gifts and successes to his Lord Jesus Christ.  Adam knows first-hand how difficult breaking free from addiction can be and is committed to helping others experience the joys that sober living can offer. His greatest personal accomplishment is having a strong, Godly marriage to a wonderful wife and the mother to his 2 boys.  In his free time he can be seen riding his motorcycle, working on cars/trucks, exercising, being outdoors, spending time with his family and attending church.

Adam Weber | Co-Founder
Nick Vega | COO and Co-Founder of Freedom Recovery

Nick Vega

Nick is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Freedom Recovery. While leading Celebrate Recovery, Nick saw the need for a faith-based treatment option in his community. After praying with his wife, he felt led to fill the gap. As a Christian in long-term recovery himself, Nick recognizes the impact that faith has on the journey. Nick has three sons of his own and continues to believe in the necessity of sharing his testimony to impact the lives of others. Nick feels blessed to witness the life change that Freedom Recovery has on the community, while working behind the scenes to ensure effective and efficient operations.

Rob Schilder

Rob Schilder currently serves as the CEO of Freedom Recovery. With a deep passion for helping those impacted by the disease of substance use disorder, Rob finds joy in ensuring those struggling get the support they need and cherishes time spent with his family. Married to Justine, they are soon-to-be first-time parents to their first son. After graduating with his bachelor’s in psychology from The Ohio State University, Rob was driven by his personal recovery journey to enter into the behavioral health space and help those who have lived through similar experiences to him, aiming to always remember that recovery is evenly distributed to those who seek it. In his free time, he enjoys watching sports, playing video games, eating pizza, and being a new homeowner.

With over 6 years working in this field, Rob’s commitment to helping those experience the beauty of recovery is evident through his work at Freedom Recovery, where he plays a key role in ensuring the overall experience of their clients is at the forefront of every decision they make all while being dedicated to his “why”. My ‘why’ is and has always been ensuring that every individual seeking treatment gets treated the way they deserve. These are our brothers & sisters, mothers & fathers, friends, coworkers, and our neighbors, and they deserve to be treated as such.”

Adam Weber | Co-Founder

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